Communication is a Huge Responsibility

 "The more time you spend communicating with your horse, and I mean actually communicating, the more likely it is that your horse will trust that you do in fact know what you're saying and want the action you're saying you want."        Today's post is about matrimony. Well, a marriage between you and [...]

Excuse is the Wife of Failure

8. Excuse is the Wife of Failure        I will warn you this week’s post is going to be applicably different than our previous precepts. It is not designed to help decode horse behavior or to resolve miscommunications between you and your horse. In fact, this post really isn’t about horses at all. It is about [...]

Leadership is an Evolved State

Please read this article in conjunction with the fifth precept, they compliment and add clarity to each other. Enjoy! 5. Leadership is an Evolved State        Leadership is a topic near and dear to our hearts, and is something that we enjoy teaching more than almost anything else. It is so exciting to see students [...]

You Can Never See You The Way Someone Else Sees You

 4. You Can Never See You The Way Someone Else Sees You       The concept of being aware of your body, for most people, sounds easy enough, especially when compared with some of the more daunting un-human-like concepts before it. In fact, this one seems much easier considering it only concerns you being [...]

Analyzing the Details of Communication: Part Two

 Imagine the following situation for me: say you visited a foreign country without any knowledge of its language or customs. While sightseeing, you get turned around and end up in a residential area. You knock on a door to try to get someone to point you in the right direction. A man answers the door [...]

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